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Teach and Tour Sojourners

TATS Safaris and Other Tours:
Safaris are a must-participate for most educators who travel to East Africa. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania all offer the most exquisite safari experience the world can legitimately claim. As such, TATS has positioned itself as the only agency in East Africa that caters to teachers’ needs when it comes to offering real memorable safaris. TATS will give you the most inexpensive, yet thorough, safari you can imagine. We not only plan for you to have the most meaningful of this wildlife experience, but we also work with you in terms of which park(s) to visit, how long you want to visit and what your finances allow you to visit and see. Thus, we personalize your safari to suit your personal financial ability, timetable and aesthetic, while guaranteeing you a front seat to the world’s best safari experience.

TATS volunteer, Dr. Themina Kader, Rhino Track in Uganda.

In addition to safaris, East Africa offers a host of other adventures and places to visit. TATS will share with you all the hidden points, both cultural and tour oriented, known and unknown, so that you can choose where to visit. Needless to say, TATS will gladly handle all your safari programming from start to finish. Only inform us of your safari wishes, be they unusual. If you would like to do more safaris than teaching, or vice versa, let us know. After all, it is our desire to ensure that Africa’s students are not only impacted academically by your visit, but also that your visit to East Africa surpasses an average tourist’s experience in terms of enjoyment, meaningfulness and breadth. In sum, East African tour sites are known to TATS like all East African schools, for the program is designed for you to leave East Africa with a unique knowledge of Africa’s people, cultures, places and appreciation, while you are appreciated for teaching the continent’s future leaders, movers and shakers.

Andrew Lemieux, Rutgers university, providing text books
to primary school pupils in Uganda.
Andrew Lemieux, Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, trains Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) rangers how to prevent poaching via TATS.

World Bank and UN Consultant, Washington tax lawyer and SUNY professor, David Rosenbloom, teaching tax policies to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) staff via TATS, with Commissioner General, Allen Kagina, in attendence. Harverd Law Review Editor and Graduate, David Rosenbloom, teaches tax law to Students of Busoga University via TATS.

A group of TATS volunteers pictured at Bujagali Falls on River Nile. Dr. Jane Connor,SUNY, visit the equator in Uganda during her three months teaching stint in Uganda via TATS.
News & Events
  • Nov 15, 2010
    TATS is Eliminating Website-less Schools
    TATS is Eliminating Schools that do not have Websites; Join us: TATS is working on providing websites for school in Africa that do not have websites.  The success of this project is made
  • Nov 15, 2010
    TATS in the News
    Regarding TATS' visiting professor, David Rosenbloom, Uganda's leading news paper reported that: The visiting US Law professor has advised administrators and consultants to be fair when admi