About Us

Mission Statement:
TATS’ mission is to defy the existent global academic imbalance by availing first class education to the worlds’ most marginalized students by infusing the third world with western world teachers at all levels.

With TATS coordination and support, Bob Eckert, CEO of New & Improved, LLC, presents “Innovation Skills for Business” at Mutesa 1 Royal University in Kampala.

Dr. Ravi Ramakrishna, a TATS volunteer from Cornell University, teaching a math class at Makerere University, following a three months teaching stint at Kigali Institute of Technology in Rwanda.

Our Objective:

Teach And Tour Sojourners, TATS, is a teacher exchange program for all educators ranging from elementary school to university level world-wide. It is TATS’ primary goal to provide this unique service to all participating educators at the lowest cost to them or their sending institutions, seeing that teachers are, unfortunately, underpaid the world over to begin with. Through TATS, the unprivileged rural and urban kids of the world, such as those in sub-Sahara Africa, get to sit under the tutorage of the world’s best teachers from Europe, North America, and other parts of the world at no cost to them, thanks to these western sacrificing TATS. The driving force behind these TATS is the keen realization that our world will function better tomorrow if no student is left behind academically, and that fine education makes a difference.

British Educator, Dr. Phil Davies, left, and Dr. Angie Thompson, Canada, team teach via TATS at Kyambogo University in Uganda.
High School teachers from Philadelphia, PA, Ms. Donahue, left, and Ms. Philips, right, take a break, from teaching in Uganda’s secondary schools, at the source of River Nile.

News & Events
  • TATS is Eliminating Website-less Schools
    Nov 15, 2010
    TATS is Eliminating Schools that do not have Websites; Join us: TATS is working on providing websites for school in Africa that do not have websites.  The success of this project is made
  • TATS in the News
    Nov 15, 2010
    Regarding TATS' visiting professor, David Rosenbloom, Uganda's leading news paper reported that: The visiting US Law professor has advised administrators and consultants to be fair when admi