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Teach and Tours Services (TATS)
TATS is dedicated to providing academic services to schools, students and teachers in different parts of the world. These service include, but are not limited to:

Academic Lectures:
TATS organizes lecture series in universities and secondary schools. We invite speakers to come and give lectures based in their academic field of interest. Furthermore, we organize seminars and other conferences so as to provide timely and needed knowledge to the general public in various sectors of life.

Academic Partnerships:
TATS facilitates the environment for academic partnerships between teachers and schools based in Africa with teachers and schools based in the west. These partnerships can be research based, business oriented, technological partnerships, among others.

Academic Internships:

TATS graduate student (Maria Kasparian) from Rutgers University teaching a business class at Uganda Christian University.
TATS foster the conditions for students from the western countries to participate in the academic projects in Africa. Students in countries like the United States, Canada and Europe and others travel to Africa to do internship in different areas of academic interest. These areas of academic interest include, inter alia, medical, economical, technological, agricultural, sociological, and other business related studies. We work with institutions and business to provide internship opportunities for students who seek to work abroad and acquire international skills in their different fields. Furthermore, students are also encourage to intern in local schools and teach their fellow students in the subjects they excel in at back at home. As such, student come and either attend classes or simply work or teach in elementary schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges.

Student Exchange Programs:

» TATS graduate student (Sarah Zoutendam) from Rutgers University teaching a business class at Uganda Christian University.

TATS works with universities across the globe to provide the conditions for student to attend short term courses and classes on a student exchange basis.

In a clear case of cultural immersion, Rosey Sentere, a student at Paul Smith’s College, New York, dances with the locals near the border with Congo and Rwanda, during her visit to Uganda via TATS.  And, yes, it gets so cold in the impenetrable forest and the surrounding mountains that Rosey has to wear a jacket to stay warm, her New York-winter roots not withstanding.

Online Education:
TATS works with universities in the west which have developed online courses to make them available to students in African universities. We foster the conditions for western universities to enter into academic partnerships with local schools in Africa so that students in Africa can earn degrees and or credit by taking these courses.

Scholarship Opportunities:
TATS actively seeks scholarships and endowment organization to avail scholarships to third world students. We research and find universities that have scholarships that third world student can apply for, thereby making those universities known to students in the third world.

Business to Business Academic/Training Services:
TATS provides avenues through which experts from businesses or companies overseas come and aid local businesses by training their employees in various areas of operation and enterprise. Companies that seek to grow and compete in the global economy can have the knowledge to do so exported to them via TATS’ program of company or business employees exchange program. Through this program, businesses and companies exchange workers so that those workers can acquire knowledge from the host companies which in turn aids the sending companies to producing good or services that can be consumed well locally and internationally. These exchanges include, for example, hospital to hospital exchange of doctors or other medical experts, civil engineers exchange, among others.

News & Events
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    Nov 15, 2010
    TATS is Eliminating Schools that do not have Websites; Join us: TATS is working on providing websites for school in Africa that do not have websites.  The success of this project is made
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    Nov 15, 2010
    Regarding TATS' visiting professor, David Rosenbloom, Uganda's leading news paper reported that: The visiting US Law professor has advised administrators and consultants to be fair when admi