How to Get Ready

As a teacher, simply e-mail your notice of interest to participate to TATS’ office at the address below or above. Once your notice has been received, a TATS’ representative will e-mail you back and, accordingly, send you timely and appropriate information for you to utilize in getting ready for the journey. You will be sent current information on any relevant but still reasonable costs, travel advisories, and other relevant information. One way to speed up the process for your participation is to inform TATS’ office the time of year you desire to travel and how long you intend to stay. TATS encourages all participants to feel free to invite friends and family to join them; TATS will always take any travelling companion into account when customizing your visit.

TATS Volunteers pose for a group photo with the staff and students of Nkumba University. TATs’ Political Scientist, Dr. Peeler, explains the US’ 9/11 and Al-Qaida to students at the Islamic University in Uganda..

It is TATS’ position that any funds raised by you or on your behalf be duly forwarded to you by the donor. You pay for your own air ticket via your own travel agent, airline, or air tickets websites. You will purchase services in Africa on a cash on delivery basis, as need may be. As such, you are fully in control of your trip, funds, and program. TATS only stands ready to advise or serve you, as need may arise.

ยป Dr. Themina Kader, a Kenyan Educator by way of New York, prepares for a lecture.


News & Events
  • TATS is Eliminating Website-less Schools
    Nov 15, 2010
    TATS is Eliminating Schools that do not have Websites; Join us: TATS is working on providing websites for school in Africa that do not have websites.  The success of this project is made
  • TATS in the News
    Nov 15, 2010
    Regarding TATS' visiting professor, David Rosenbloom, Uganda's leading news paper reported that: The visiting US Law professor has advised administrators and consultants to be fair when admi