"My experience with TATS and everyone associated with the organization has left me loving people more deeply and expecting worlds to open for anyone who chooses TATS as part of their educational life journey. Miss everyone there!"

Lisa Ann Holmes
Alabama Public Schools, Alexander City, AL, USA
Dr. Lemeiux giving books to primary school kids
Dr. Frykman teaches at Metrostate
University, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Running TATS is a work of art, replete with sleepless nights, as Skype, phone calls, numerous emails, airport transfers usually happen during odd hours--which have to take into account 11 time zones--to say little of the details and intricacies of organizing conferences, lecture series and collabotion projects for educators from arround the world!
Meet TATS Executive Director, Dr. Kris Frykman
Dr. Frykman is an avid supporter and promoter of Teach and Tour Sojourners. She would love to chat with prosespective travelers. She also loves the Ugandan people and the array of wildlife in East Africa, where she is seen here taking a safari.

Teach And Tour Sojourners, TATS, is a teacher exchange program for all educators ranging from elementary school to university level world-wide. It is TATS' primary goal to provide this unique service to all participating educators at the lowest cost to them or their sending institutions, seeing that teachers are, unfortunately, underpaid the world over to begin with. Through TATS, the unprivileged rural and urban kids of the world, such as those in sub-Sahara Africa, get to sit under the tutorage of the world's best teachers from Europe, North America, and other parts of the world at no cost to them thanks to these western sacrificing TATS.

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News & Events
Dr. Ejikemi, Trinity University, USA, meeting with Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ddumba, via TATS arrangements. Makerere University is the Uganda government's flagship University and the largest in Uganda